What We Do

eAdvisor Compliance, Inc. provides full-service compliance solutions to Investment Advisors needing assistance with the regulatory demands imposed by federal regulation and state "blue-sky" laws. Our compliance solutions are sound, regulatory tested and developed from years of experience.

Services Include:

  • Simplifying the initial start up process by preparing the registration package, problem solving, and assisting Investment Advisors in narrowing their scoop of business to meet current demand.
  • Providing preventative cutting-edge solutions for Investment Advisors to maintain proper compliance with self regulatory organizations, and state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Developing and maintaining proper regulatory documents; which include among other things: disclosure forms, agreements, and compliance manuals & procedures.

How eAdvisor Got Its Start

For over 20 years now, Lance MacKenzie has been working with Investment Advisors - both state and federally registered - to help them comply with the regulatory environment in which they operate.

Mr. MacKenzie began his career as a Financial Examiner with the Florida Department of Financial Services in 1990. There he saw first hand Investment Advisors begin their emergence as a welcomed and needed financial service to the consumer. In 1995, Mr. MacKenzie founded eAdvisor, formerly Florida Securities Consulting Services, Inc., to fill the regulatory void created from this rapid growth as registered Investment Advisors burst onto the scene.

Today Mr. MacKenzie continues to examine the big picture of state and federal regulations, keeping an open mind to more efficient and effective regulatory solutions with the ultimate focus on ways to make compliance for Investment Advisors easier and less restrictive to their advisory practice.

Resource Solutions for Investment Advisors