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Our Virtual Office Solutions

With the advent of the Internet as a valid form of commerce, computer technology advances, and the "touch-of-a-button" global wireless communications, what we once thought impossible is now possible.

Technology innovations have created a shift from traditional forms of commerce requiring face-to-face interaction, to now having the ability to conduct business digitally from any location around the world.

The digital age of communication and commerce has also spawned new forms of business enterprise that Investment Advisors should take advantage of. We, at eAdvisor Compliance, recognize the benefits of these business enterprises and are pioneering compliant technological tools to assist Investment Advisors grow their practice. Who would know better how to combine technology with Investment Advisor rules and regulations?

We are here to help Investment Advisor master state and federal rules and regulations while assisting them use technology to their advantage!


eAdvisorBACKOFFICE is a virtual office complex that Investment Advisors can log into from any location where they have a computer and Internet access.

The function of eAdvisorBACKOFFICE is to warehouse information unique to the Investment Advisor's advisory practice. This data storage site will give Investment Advisors the ability to retrieve documents, such as the Disclosure Brochure, investment advisory agreements, and other active working documents the Investment Advisor wants to use with clientele.

In addition, eAdvisorBACKOFFICE can house all the Investment Advisors historical records that have been submitted to the SEC or State Regulatory Agency that are required to be maintained pursuant to records retention policies. eAdvisorBACKOFFICE is designed to literally replace the Investment Advisors physical file cabinets!

eAdvisorBACKOFFICE offers:
  • Protecting Your Data – Data with eAdvisorBACKOFFICE is stored and secured through Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), the same technology and services that uses for their own data needs. It is designed to be safe, secure, reliable, and ensures that your data remains private. Data is provided 99.999999999% durability and is 99.99% available over a given year. Data is stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities within the Amazon service network to provide extra redundancy, sufficient to withstand the concurrent loss of data across two facilities, while still maintaining secure and restricted access to all data. We know your data is important, and we make it our top priority.
  • Controlled AccesseAdvisorBACKOFFICE has been intelligently designed to give the Investment Advisor the ability to establish entitlement privileges for their personnel to better protect information.
  • Compliant – The system has been designed to comply with federal and state books and records retention requirements.

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eAdvisorVAULT is a virtual client file cabinet that Investment Advisors can log into through eAdvisorBACKOFFICE.

eAdvisorVAULT is designed to replace hardcopy client files with a virtual client file cabinet to upload encrypted records.

In addition to the security levels of eAdvisorBACKOFFICE, the Investment Advisor will be able to set entitlement levels to client records. Only personnel assigned to a client file will be able to access the client's personal information. This level of security protects client sensitive information, limits access to client security recommendations and holdings, and helps prevent unauthorized trading.

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