Offering compliance products, tools, and regulatory services for Investment Advisors.

Who is eAdvisor?

eAdvisor is pioneering innovative regulatory solutions that combine technology with our cutting-edge compliance products, tools and registration services. We are the answer to the question, "Is there an independent consulting firm for Investment Advisors that could not only provide us regulatory assistance but combine their knowledge with the latest technology?"

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  • Registration Services

    Form ADV Design and federal and state regulatory filings.
  • Procedures Manual

    Written procedures compliant with federal and state regulations.
  • Compliance Tools

    Advisory forms, agreements, and policies.


  • Virtual Office

    Virtually operate from any location with access to firm documents.
  • Data Warehouse

    Electronic records stored in a secure environment.
  • Intelligent Design

    Entitlement privileges designed to protect sensitive data and limit access to information.


  • Paperless

    Secure paperless environment with control access protocols.
  • Virtual File Cabinet

    Organized client records with unique design features.
  • System Redundancy

    Client records are encrypted and maintained in a secure virtual warehouse.

Resource Solutions for Investment Advisors